Long and short term personal and business loans with negotiable interest rates.

Insurance Premium Financing

Twiga Bancorp will provide loans to the insured parties and pay their insurance premium obligations in lump sum amounts to the insurance companies. The insured party will service the loan on monthly basis over a period which will range from 3 to 10 months depending on the time period agreed upon with the Institution.


  • open an account with TWIGA Bancorp
  • provide a deposit of 15% of the Insurance Premium as collateral
  •  pay processing fees of Tshs 20,000/= for the loan applied

Applicable Interest and Charges

Interest rates on IPF Loan depend on the repayment periods as detailed below:

  • 3 TO 5 Months 5%
  • 6 to 7 Months  8%
  • 8 TO 10 Months 10%

Non-repayment of loan

If the insured party (borrower) defaults, Twiga Bancorp will recover the interest and principal amounts due, by liquidating the collateral and by asking the Insurance Company to cancel the insurance policy and refund the unutilized portion of the Insurance Premium