A variety of treasury products are available at the bank. Visit your nearest branch and talk to our treasury professionals.

Forex Trading

This is the selling and buying of foreign currencies. It involves a bilateral contract between 2 parties - seller and buyer - of a foreign currency

Treasury Bills

Short term investment in Government securities with a maximum investment period of 365 days.

Currency Swaps

Is a currency trade with one currency converted into another and "swapped" back on a pre-determined date in the future

Cash and liquidity Management services

Management of cash for the customers

Fixed deposits Call Account

An account designed to benefit needs of the corporations or companies for short or medium term

goals in the form of fixed lump sum savings. The target is Insurance firms pensions funds, Agencies,


• Ensures safety of your money

• Earns you a decent rate of returns

• Easy access to secure a loan from the bank with the FDR as collateral/cash cover