A simple savings account that allows your organization to save for short or Long term goals while earning interest at competitive rates.

It can also be used for cash build ups for companies.


• Ensures safety of your money

• Earn competitive interest on your account balance

• Availability of funds in case of emergencies

• Access to individual loans


Financing provided to corporate and SME customers to meet cash flow needs. This facility primarily bridges the gap between customers

and their suppliers


• Ensures that the customer will have cash available at all times

• Interest is only charged on amount overdrawn

Term Loan

Financing offered to businesses that are already in operation to support their business needs such as business expansion and asset



• Enables the customer meets his/her cash flow needs

• Ensures that the customer will have cash available at all times

• Supports capital expenditure

• Capital expenditure

Asset Financing

A facility is aimed at supporting a customer to acquire assets to support businesses growth. The customer must be ready to finance part

of the transaction and the asset financed must be related to the business.

• Enables customer to acquire assets when required

• Easy flexible instalment payments and flexible payment periods

• Enables customer to use the assets to generate cash flow for purchases

• Enables a customer to improve the customers’ business and increase productivity

Letter of Credit

Letter of credit is an agreement between the buyer/importer and the seller/exporter that when the buyer receives the goods will be able to

remit the funds to the seller. This form of payment is used to give protection to exporters/seller and importers/importer against buyer/

sellers risk and country risk.


• Gives protection to importing customers

• Enables the customer outsource a variety of suppliers for different goods


An instrument issued to a buyer/contractor by an acceptable third party (a bank) guaranteeing that the buyer/contactor will comply to its