Savings account – Save and Earn interest up to 3.5%

Holiday Account

Progressive savings for your holiday dream. No Charges to the account, Earn Interest up to 6%

• Account holder should deposit at least once per month from its salaries of other income sources.

• Minimum for opening Account is Tsh. 50,000/= or USD 100.

• Minimum interest bearing balance is Tsh. 50,000/= or USD 100.

• Cash withdraw from the account will accepted only on holiday assigned by the applicant on the form No transaction fee.

• No transaction made through ATM.

• Interest rates shall be 1%.

• In case default shall be paid without interest.


• No ledger/maintenance fee

• No limit amount to deposit

• Free monthly statement

• Attractive interest rate

• Encourage savings culture

• The account can be operated in Tanzania shillings and USD

How to apply

• An account holder shall fill the Holiday Account form and consent clause.

• Submit two photos (passport size).

• Submit an introduction Letter from the employer or Ward Executive Officer to attach on the form.

• Hand initial deposit of Tsh. 50,000/= or USD 100 or more to the teller.

• The Account shall be closed when the date of maturity reached.