Twiga kids account has been established to assist parents and guardians to save for their kids. Parents/guardians need to save money

and invest it wisely for their children. This will help solve problems relating to rising in education cost and all the basics necessities.

Features of the Account

• The account can be operated in Tanzania Shillings.

• Minimum for opening account in Tsh. 10,000.

• It can operate in local account.

• Minimum interest bearing balance is Tsh. 50,000.

• Cash withdrawal from the account will accepted by assigned applicant

• No transaction fee.

• Interest rated shall be 6.0%.

• Three times you can with draw the cash per annum.


• No account fees

• No limit amount to deposit

• Free monthly statement

• Competitive interest rates

• Encourage savings culture

• The account operated in Tanzania shillings

• Ensuring children’s future life

• High flexibility. The children account will be converted to normal savings account

How to Apply

• An account holder shall fill the Twiga kids account form and consent clause

• Submit two photos (passport size)

• Submit an introduction letter from the employer or ward executive officer to attach on the form

• Hand initial deposit of Tsh. 10,000 of more to the teller

• Submit birth certificate


Inculcate savings culture to your child. Expose your child to abanking while still a kid.